Office 365 OneDrive

Earlier this year, we shared that OneDrive would soon replace the "P drive" personal file storage for faculty & staff. We're now ready to share the three ways you can get started with this exciting service.

To help you choose which migration option is right for you, we're hosting a series of "Lunch and Learn" sessions for faculty and staff. 

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What is OneDrive?

Part of the Office 365 suite, OneDrive is cloud-connected file storage. It's accessible from all of your devices both on-campus and off and keeps files safely backed up in case your computer is lost or replaced.

Top 5 reasons to use OneDrive

  1. Access your files on or off campus without the need to "VPN"
  2. Easily share your files with others, selecting if they can view or edit
  3. Keep your work safe - you won't lose files if your computer is lost or replaced
  4. Revise a shared copy and avoid sending email attachments with new versions
  5. Save and retrieve your recent files on Office Apps from any device

How can I get started?

Option 1: OneDrive is available today! Get started on your own or register for an in-person information session.

Option 2: Let us move your files for you. Later this year we'll offer an opt-in option where your files are automatically copied from your P drive to OneDrive.

Option 3: Do nothing. By end of 2017, we plan to retire the P drive service and we'll move your data at that time.

What about my department's shared files or "I drive"?

We'll be working with each department in the coming months on what strategy will be best. For now, these sessions are focused on personal files and those shared with only a few people.

Questions? Contact the Tech Spot at, via twitter @DTSatWIT, or call 617-989-4500.