New Undergraduate Students

Welcome to Wentworth! To facilitate a smooth transition, new students are required to participate in laptop distribution. At the distribution, you will receive your laptop and go through the initial steps essential for you to utilize your laptop. Please bring your Wentworth student identification card with you and ensure you have no holds on your student account before you come to pick up your laptop. We cannot issue you a laptop without your student identification card. At laptop distribution, you will be asked to sign a User Agreement.

When and where is laptop distribution?

All new undergraduate students are to receive their laptops on Thursday, August 31st 2017, at the Tansey Gym, based on an assigned time slot determined through participation at WOW events. This time slot is a planned part of Wentworth Orientation Week activities; you need not worry about missing any of the WOW events.

What you will receive

  • Your laptop
  • Laptop backpack
  • Network Cable
  • Adapters as necessary

What if I miss laptop distribution during opening week?

Laptop distribution make-up will be held the Tech Spot, room 320 Beatty Hall on:

  • Friday, September 1st from 10:00am to 4:00pm
  • Tuesday, September 5th through Thursday, September 7th from 9:00AM to 3:30PM each day

After September 7th, 2017, you will need to call the Tech Spot at 617-989-4500 to make an appointment to pick up your laptop. If you do not pick up your laptop by the close of business on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, we cannot guarantee that the laptop you receive will be a brand new out of the box laptop. Depending on availability, the laptop will be the same model and may be refurbished.


Contact the Wentworth Laptop Program at