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Travel Policy


The Institute reimburses all reasonable expenses incurred in the course of business travel up to the limit established or approved by the Budget Managers. Travelers are expected to use sound business judgment as to the nature and level of expenses incurred, and to bear the full cost of all items of a personal nature.

This policy and related procedures apply to all employees and to non-employees traveling on behalf of Wentworth regardless of the source of funding.

Travel should be planned and conducted so that costs will not exceed budgetary limitations and that travelers will comply with the procedural guidelines set forth in the Wentworth Travel Policy which can be obtained from the Controller's Office.

Travelers should not make commitments to travel or to incur travel expenses without first obtaining the appropriate approvals.

Atlas Travel

Wentworth has designated Atlas Travel as the official source for arranging travel. To set up an account you can go to the Atlas Travel website and plan your travel. You should use your Wentworth Procurement Card for all travel expenses. If the cost of your travel expenses will exceed your credit card limits, contact either Gerry Inman (ext4252) or Don Condrey (ext 4251) to increase your limits to cover your travel arrangements.

Auto Rental

Automobiles can be rented from Enterprise. Their website is and the Wentworth account number is GB7928 and a link exists on the Purchasing Website. Enterprise has extended the Wentworth discount to faculty and staff for their personal trips as well.