Purchasing Methods

The nature of Wentworth is such that a singular method of obtaining goods or services to fulfill the educational mission of the College is not possible. For that reason, four methods have been established to obtain materials or services from vendors. They are:

Standard Wentworth Purchase Order

A purchase order is the one reference point common to the Requisitioner, Purchasing, Account Payable and the Vendor and is essential in tracking the purchase from procurement through the payment stage.

In most cases a Purchase Order should be used for purchases over $1,000. In some cases such as payment for subscriptions, licenses& fees, and travel an alternative payment method should be used. When in doubt as to when to use a purchase order, contact the Purchasing Office for clarification. Purchase Orders are required for all Capital Budget purchases.

Procurement Card

Essentially a Corporate Mastercard, the Procurement Card can be used to purchase goods or services with a value of less than $1,000. The procurement card can also be used for materials and services such as subscriptions, travel, membership fees etc even when the total amount exceeds $1,000. When such materials or services are anticipated to exceed the credit card limit, contact the Purchasing Office and arrangements will be made to increase the limits of the credit card for the specific purchase or a designated period of time.

Request for Payment Form/Direct Pay

Used for the payment of materials or services already rendered/received when a purchase order was not used and a credit card was not accepted. Receipts for all materials must be attached to the Request for Payment Form.

The Request for Payment Form is also used for reimbursement for materials or services used by Wentworth and paid for “out of pocket” by an individual. All receipts must be attached or payment will not be made.

Institutional Contracts

Purchasing has established institutional contracts for a variety of materials (office supplies, water, coffee etc). These contracts were established to provide the College with the best prices available for the selected products and MUST be used when obtaining those products. Individual department accounts must be established for these products. Contact the Purchasing Office to set up your account.