Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are required for all orders that are not placed on the Wentworth Credit Card and must be created before a commitment is made to a vendor. Purchase Orders are required for all Capital Budget purchases. Any authorizations for goods or services before the generation of a purchase order can be looked on as a personal contract between the individual and the vendor and the Institute has no financial obligation.

Under normal circumstances, a properly authorized requisition will be processed the day it is received and the purchase order will be printed and sent to the vendor the same day or no later than the next business day. An electronic copy of the purchase order will be sent to the requisitioner via e-mail. An additional copy will be sent to the Shipping Department for materials’ being received at Wentworth’s receiving dock. A copy of the purchase order will be kept on file in the Purchasing Department until the end of the fiscal year.

A signed purchase order is a legal document that expresses the College’s intent of a contract of sale. Once accepted, establishing an agreement, it is a legally binding contract on both parties. The terms and conditions stated on both the front and back of the vendor copy of the purchase order shall prevail, unless a previous accord has been reached with the vendor.

From time to time, circumstances require that changes be made to an established Purchase Order. For example, additional materials or services may be required resulting in an increase in the original quoted price. When this is necessary, a CHANGE ORDER to the original purchase order must be issued to the vendor to maintain the integrity of the original agreement.

To establish a Purchase Order, an individual/department must fill out a Purchase Requisition form and submit it to the Purchasing Office.