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Who Can Have a Card and How it Works

Who Can Acquire a Card?

Only a Wentworth employee may acquire a Wentworth procurement card. The request form can be obtained at the Purchasing website (pdf) or by contacting the Purchasing Office. Return the completed form to Gerry Inman for processing. A request does not guarantee the issuance of a card.

How it Works

The procurement card simplifies the procurement and disbursement process by facilitating point- of- demand procurement. Procurement authority is delegated to the ordering department enabling the authorized card holder to place an order directly with the supplier. The procurement card program provides enhanced control for all transactions by producing immediate decisions on four specific authorization criteria. The preset criteria are:

  • Number of transactions allowed per day - default set at 8
  • Single purchase limit not to exceed - default set at $999.00
  • Spending limit per month - default set at $1,000
  • Approved commodities.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable have the option to review various reports to effectively monitor the use of the card. Purchasing will also identify opportunities to further maximize the College’s significant buying power through contract negotiations.