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Where to Get Help

Bank: JP MorganChase/Paymentnet

JP MorganChase/Paymentnet is the provider of the Wentworth procurement card program.

To Report a lost/stolen card, call 1-800-270-7760 Immediately upon discovering that the credit card has been lost or stolen, the cardholder must call JP Morgan/Chase. The number is available 24/7 and it is essential that they be contacted as soon as possible to help minimize damages. . Please assist the JP Morgan/Chase representative by answering all questions as thoroughly as possible. Also notify the Procurement Card Administrator as early as possible during normal business hours at ext. 4252. You will be asked to fill out a Lost or Stolen Procurement Card Notification Form (see Appendix) and as soon as it is received by the card administrator a replacement card can be ordered.

To dispute a transaction that has appeared in your on line statement/paper copy, you must fill out the JP Morgan/Chase Dispute form and FAX it to 1-801-590-1316. Also send a copy to the Wentworth accounts Payable Department attention Mark Mitchell.

Wentworth Contacts

Procurement Card Administrator: Gerry Inman, Director of Purchasing
Phone ext: 617-989-4252 Fax: 617-989-4168

Disbursement Contact for Procurement Card: Mark Mitchell, Senior Staff Accountant
Phone ext: 617-989-4031 Fax: 617-989-4168

The Procurement Card Administrator provides support and assistance to cardholders, distribute and process card applications, process changes in cardholder information, increase or decrease available card limits and conducts periodic training. The administrator also works with JP Morgan/Chase to encourage vendors who do not currently accept MasterCard to become part of the program.

The Disbursement Contact posts charges to specific department accounts, audits monthly statement reconciliations and generates analysis of the program.