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Disputing a Transaction

The cardholder/department is responsible for following up with a vendor for any erroneous charges, disputed items, or returns that appear on their monthly credit card statement. Disputed charges can result from failure to receive goods or services, the erroneous charging of sales tax, fraud or misuse, altered charges, defective merchandise, incorrect amounts, duplicate charges, credits not being processed, etc. The cardholder/department should contact the vendor first to resolve any outstanding issues. Most issues can be resolved this way.

Cardholders can initiate disputed transactions on-line. By choosing the appropriate reason, Paymentnet will automatically supply you with any further information fields that are required to complete the dispute. When the cardholder wishes to dispute a transaction, they go on-line to Paymentnet, select the transaction, access the detail, and click the DISPUTE button. The cardholder then enters the required information and clicks submit. A yellow square immediately appears next to the transaction on the Transaction List screen, indicating that the dispute has been initiated.

Once the JP Morgan/Chase Dispute department has processed all required information, the yellow square indicator next to the transaction will be replaced with a red square indicating that the transaction is currently in the dispute process.

When the transaction has been resolved, the red square indicator is removed.

Cardholders may also dispute charges manually. To initiate a manual dispute, the cardholder must contact JP Morgan/Chase Customer Service (1-800-270-7760). They will require the cardholder to fill out a Cardholder Dispute Form and fax it to them within 30 days of the first statement on which the disputed charges appears.

It is important to remember that there is a small window of opportunity to dispute a charge so action should be taken immediately in these situations.

Returning Items

Items should be returned to directly to the vendor by whichever means the vendor requires (box in which the goods were originally shipped in, special packaging, different location from which it was purchased, etc). The cardholder/department is responsible to see that proper credit is posted for any return merchandise.