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Procurement Card Policy


To establish a policy for the use of the Wentworth Institute of Technology Procurement credit card.


Procurement Credit Card: A credit card that is issued to designated employees to facilitate small dollar purchasing transactions.


Applies to all Wentworth Institute of Technology employee to whom the Procurement card has been issued.


  1. All cardholders must accept and sign the terms and conditions of the cardholders' credit card agreement.
  2. All purchase transactions processed against a procurement card must be made by the individual/department to whom the card was issued.
  3. When "Institute-wide Agreements" exist, cardholders must utilize those agreements when buying goods or services.
  4. The procurement card will not be used for restricted goods or services identified in the Wentworth Procurement Credit Card Users guide; nor can the card be used for personal purchases or in amounts exceeding established limits.
  5. Use of the Procurement card will be governed by the Wentworth Institute of Technology Procurement Credit Card Users Guide and the Procurement Credit Card Cardholders Agreement

Violations of the Procurement Card Policy will result in actions being taken in accordance with established procedures.