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Misuse of Procurement Card

The following situations are a few examples of “misuse” of the procurement card.

Personal Misuse

  • Purchases made for the personal benefit of the cardholder or any other individual.
  • Assignment or transfer of an individual card to an unauthorized person.
  • Use of a procurement card by a suspended or terminated employee.

Administrative Misuse

  • Failure to review transactions on-line in a timely fashion.
  • Lack of proper and timely reconciliation of individual cardholder account.
  • Lack of proper documentation/explanation of transactions made.

Consequences of Misuse

  • Cardholders who do not comply with the prescribed guidelines risk disciplinary procedures.
  • The right to possess a Wentworth Procurement Card could be suspended or revoked.
  • Restitution may be required in cases of improper use/documentation/authorization. Based upon the severity of misuse, disciplinary measures may include termination and legal action.