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How to Purchase

Each cardholder is required to keep the card secure and is responsible to use it for purchases within the parameters of the program. All suppliers currently accepting MasterCard should accept the procurement card. Please let Purchasing know of any vendor who will not accept the Wentworth procurement card.

The card may be used to purchase items in person, at the supplier site, or over the phone or internet. The amount that you can spend per transaction, per day, and per month is all preset as part of the program.

When placing an order over the phone or internet, you should always be aware of the vendor you’re dealing with and be confident that you are dealing directly with a legitimate company. When on the internet, look for the “secured lock icon” on the bottom of your screen that indicates the transaction and credit card information will be transmitted securely and protected from internet hackers. Internet orders should conclude with an order confirmation number. Print out that screen for further reference if needed. When dealing over the phone, obtain the name of the salesperson you are dealing with and ask for a confirmation number. This makes it easier to track an order if a problem occurs. Verify the method of shipping and any related shipping costs.

Wentworth is a non-profit tax exempt educational organization. Our tax-exempt number, 041-958-460 is embossed on the procurement card. ST2 and ST5 exemption certificates are available from purchasing. The cardholder should alert the vendor at the time of the transaction to exempt payment of state sales tax.

Upon receipt of your order keep the documentation received from the vendor (typically a sales receipt or packing slip) for later reconciliation.