Duties and Responsibilities

The function of the Purchasing Department is to ensure informed purchasing decisions are made and to improve purchasing effectiveness by providing purchasing expertise to all departments. Purchasing seeks to realize the maximum value for every dollar expended, as well as to insure the efficiencies of all procurement processes.

To achieve this, Purchasing performs the following duties:


  • Recommend vendors and product lines which conform to established Wentworth quality standards.
  • Review and recommend delivery options.
  • Review material to ensure compliance with applicable code, safety and ADA standards.
  • Assist with estimates for budget preparations.


  • Contracts with vendors for special pricing and discounts
  • Terms and conditions and payment options.


  • Vendor capabilities and selection criteria.
  • Bids/quotes/proposals for overall best benefit to Wentworth
  • Product performance and new products.
  • Terms and conditions of leases and contracts (i.e. interest charges, insurance requirements, etc).
  • Lease/rent/buy options


  • Purchasing policies and procedures to the College community.
  • Effective purchasing techniques to the College customer.
  • Insuring that vendors are made aware of Wentworth needs clearly and concisely.


  • By assisting the College purchaser locate and obtain the necessary products or services needed to complete the mission of the College.
  • By placing and expediting purchase orders
  • By helping resolve disputes with vendors and invoice problems.
  • By arranging product and equipment demonstrations