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Guide for both Windows and Mac OS

Full User's Guide from Identity Finder

Obtaining Identity Finder Application and License

The Identity Finder tool is available to all Wentworth staff and faculty for use on institution-owned computers (desktops and laptops). The application is available in LConnect for download. To download an installer and associated license file, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into LConnect using you staff/faculty credentials (username and password) at
  2. Find the Access Your Software section under the MyLconnect Tab.
  3. Click Online Software Distribution for a list of all software available for download.
  4. Click Install on the appropriate version of Identity Finder (Windows or Mac OS version) and also click on the Identity Finder License file to download the associated license file.*
  5. Click Agree and Continue to accept the terms of the user agreement for the application and download the software.
  6. Once you have downloaded the application (for your platform) and the license file, proceed to the Installation Instruction section for your platform (Windows or Mac OS).

*Note: Mac OS version is currently not available through LConnect. To acquire a copy of the application and license file, email a request to

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for Windows

Installation Instructions for Mac

Installing Identity Finder License

Installing License File

Getting Started with Identity Finder

Launching Identity Finder for the FIrst Time

Performing Searches

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for Mac OS

Viewing Search Results & Protecting Sensitive Data

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for Mac OS