Windows 10 & El Capitan Reimaging

Getting a system upgrade prompt on your computer? Read below to learn how to address it:

PC Users: As you may know, Microsoft has released Windows 10. If you are ready for a Windows 10 "upgraded image" on your computer, then you will have to bring your laptop into the Help Desk to have it be "reimaged" first. For this reason, we ask that you come in during your downtime as the turnaround time might take a couple of hours, and most importantly, backup your data files first. We strongly suggest that you do so because once your laptop is reimaged, the data files will become irretrievable.

Mac Users: The Mac upgraded OS, El Capitan reimaging is also available at the Help Desk. Like PC Users, we recommend that you backup your data files first, and expect a turnaround time of a couple of hours.

How do I backup my files?
Technology Services will not be able to assist you with backing up your data files before the reimaging. Backing up your data might take several of hours depending on the amount of data you have. Learn how to backup your Mac or Learn how to backup your PC.

What if I've Already Installed the New Operating System?
If you're having issues, please drop by or contact the Technology Services Help Desk at or dial 617-989-4500.

When Will I Be Able to Get the New Operating System?
You can come into the Help Desk anytime during the semester. We suggest stopping by when you have down time.