Primavera P6

Installing and Licensing Primavera P6

  1. Make sure you are plugged into an Ethernet connection on campus before starting.
  2. Download and run the P6 Installation package from LeopardWeb Software Distritubion
  3. Click next to begin the installation.
  4. Click Next to launch the installer.
  5. Click Run to start the installation
  6. Wait for the setup process to finish initializing
  7. Click Next

  8. When asked for a product code, enter EC-C01

  9. Select “Primavera Stand-alone” and then click Next

10. Keep the default installation directory.

11. Keep the default, and click Next

12. Keep the default options selected, and click Next

13. Click Next

14. Click Browse

15. Change to “License Files” and locate the “2. P6 license.lic” file that was placed on your desktop by the installer.


16. Click Next to license the database

17. Click next

18. Wait for the installer to finish

19. When prompted about compatibility issues, click “Run the program without getting help.”

20. Wait for the SQL Server installer to complete.

21. Another compatibility prompt will appear. Select “Run the program without getting help”

22. Wait for the SQL Server setup to complete.

23. The setup will move onto another screen. Wait for it to complete

24. After SQL Server installs, P6 will continue to complete its setup.

25. P6 Will then create the initial database. Wait for it to complete

26. Keep the information the same, and click Next

27. Keep the alias the same, and click Finish

28. Keep the information the same, and click Next

29. Keep the alias the same, and click Finish

30. Click Finish

31. Click OK to start the MS SQL Server upgrade

32. Click Run to start the SQL Update

33. Click “Run the program without getting help”

34. Wait for the installation to begin

35. Click “Run the program without getting help

36. Click the box to accept the licensing terms and conditions, and then click next

37. Click install

38. Wait for the installation to finish

39. Click Next after the installation completes

40. Click “Run the program without getting help” 

41. Click next to start the SQL Server installation 

42. Click next.

43. Enter in “Windows User” as the Name. Leave Company blank, and click Next.

44. Keep the default options selected, and click Next

45. Keep the default mode selected, and click Next.

46. Keep the defaults selected, and click Next again

47. Keep the defaults, and click next once again.

48. Click Install

49. Wait for the installation to finish.


50. Click Next once the installation is complete

51. Click Finish

52. The installation of P6 is now complete

53. Opening for the first time:

Launch P6.
Login Name: admin
Password: admin



53. The sample project has been opened. P6 has been installed successfully.