Maxwell Render

Installing Maxwell Render

 License Maxwell Render

  1. Download and run the Maxwell Render plugin from LConnect.
  2. Windows may attempt to block the installation. Click “More info” and then “Run Anyway”

  3. Click next to begin the installation process
  4. Click next again to remove old versions of Maxwell Render
  5. Click run to launch the installer
  6. Click next to start the setup
  7. Read the license agreement, and select “I Agree” to agree to the terms and install the software
  8. Keep the defaults selected, and click next.
  9. Click next

10. Click next again

11. The installer will begin and install the components and dependencies for Maxwell Render

12. Click next to finish the installation.

13. Click Finish to close the installer

14. Click finish again

15. Save your work, and then click OK to restart your computer and finish the installation.

Licensing Maxwell Render

  1. Open Maxwell Render, and allow it to access the network.

  2. Click Help and then “License Info”
  3. Select Maxwell Render and then click OK.
  4. Click Add
  5. On your desktop, there will be a text file called “license”. Open the file, copy the contents, and the paste it into the Maxwell Render window that opens.

  6. After you paste the license into the window, click OK
  7. After you enter the license information, it will now appear in the license list. Click Save.
  8. Click Ok
  9. Maxwell Render is now licensed for Off-Campus Use