Enterprise Applications Projects

Recently Completed Projects

  • Intelliworks application and recruit modules for CPCE. Allows for greater flexibility in contacting and retaining recruits and applicants.
  • Resource 25 (R25), including classroom scheduling and resource planning components. Allows for better resource management and allocation.
  • Career Services job posting system.
  • Axiom admissions application for streamlined loading of ROYALL and COMMON files.
  • AcademicWorks, which helps students search, apply for, and accept scholarship awards.
  • E-Scrip, which provides a secure environment for official transcripts to be sent out.

Ongoing Projects

  • Intelliworks, which includes data integration from Intelliworks back into the Banner database.
  • R25, which includes a calendar function for ease of scheduling.

Upcoming Projects

  • Mobile solutions, including the ability to register for classes, pay tuition/fees, check grades, and access campus information on portable devices.
  • AgileGrad, which helps to create personalized degree-based roadmaps for each student to ensure they are the right track for graduation.
  • Retain, which serves as an early-warning detection/prevention system to help student retention.
  • iModules for a new and comprehensive online alumni engagement tool.
  • Evaluating moving from UMass OnLine (UMOL) Blackboard hosted services to Blackboard's own platform.