Banner Upgrades

Banner Test Plans

The Power Users group, comprised of high-level users across different departments, is responsible for helping to test Banner upgrades.

Each department has their own test plan, which they use to systematically check new and existing functionality.

Upgrades are performed as needed, with careful coordination to ensure minimal disruption of business processes and services.

Below are the current versions and what is currently being tested for upgrade:

Banner Modules Current Version Upgraded Version
Finance Self-Service 8.5 8.6
Web General 8.5 8.6
Faculty and Advisors Self-Service 8.5.2 8.5.4
Finance 8.6.1 8.8
General 8.5 8.6
Position Control 8.6 8.9
Student 8.5.6 8.5.6 (no change)
Student Self-Service 8.5.2 8.5.4
WebTailor 8.5 8.6
Accounts Receivable 8.3 8.4.4
Financial Aid Self-Service 8.17.1 8.17.1 (no change)
Financial Aid 8.18 8.18 (no change)