About Enterprise Applications


It is the mission of the Wentworth Enterprise Application team to provide exceptional technological leadership, information systems, and technical support of those information systems to the functional business units, faculty, staff, and students of Wentworth Institute of Technology.  To accomplish this, we develop, maintain, and enhance new and existing computer and web-based systems, and integrate existing systems with the SCT Banner System as well as supporting a variety of campus-wide applications.  We procure any software necessary to support all technological needs of the Institute. Secondarily, the Enterprise Application team endeavors to provide excellent customer service to its functional business units as they ensure effective and efficient operation of the Institute. 

Enterprise Applications

  • Enterprise applications are available to students and new incoming students, faculty, researchers, staff, and guests. Across the Wentworth campus, enterprise applications support Argos, Form Fusion, Internet Native Banner, Banner Student Self Service, Banner Finance Self Service, Web online applications, and Blackboard.
  • One key feature of enterprise applications is its ability to support student systems.  A web-based self-service called Banner Student Self Service (SSB) is available to students. Through Banner Self Service, students are able to be more involved in daily activities around campus, by logging in to their student accounts through Banner Self Service.
  • Another key feature is Wentworth's support of financial systems. Financial Aid plays an important role; each student is able to monitor their financial aid progress through E-Bill, which is currently maintained through enterprise applications.
  • Enterprise applications offer support for students and faculty through a web application known as Leopard Web. Leopard Web gives them access to their email and current events. Also, enterprise applications offer database support through its very own database security.
  • In addition, Enterprise applications also supports:
    • Data Warehouse
    • Fundraising applications
    • Data security
    • System integrations of 3rd party software
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions and tools
    • Backend database management
    • Housing solutions
    • On-line payment support
    • Resource planning
    • Admissions applications
    • System security

Internet Native Banner (INB)

  • Internet Native Banner (INB) is Banner Web application used by the Wentworth to access the Banner system for day- to- day business is also supported by the EAP team.  INB is used to manage students, accounts receivable, financial aid and finance information. The primary users of (INB) are the administrative departments (ex. Admissions, CPCE, Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Housing, Finance, Human Resources, Institutional Research, Career Services) 

Banner Student Self-Service

  • Banner Self Service (SSB), is a student system that provides Wentworth students with a means of updating personal information, registering for classes, checking grades, and reviewing their financial aid information. For example, if a student registers for classes, he or she may be asked to log into Banner Self Service using an id and password.
  • IDs and passwords are given to students and ensure safety for their personal information to protect against malicious activity. After the student has logged in successfully, and clicked on Registration, the registration process begins. A student may also view Student Records for financial information, holds, grades, E-bill, and search for courses.
  • As a student system, SSB has proven to satisfy students giving them a role at Wentworth, by providing them with all the tools that are necessary for campus life, such as allowing them to view their work study award, if they choose to do work study, through the tab Financial Aid and clicking on Work Student Status.
  • Wentworth continues to support SSB through Web applications by covering all central services a student needs until graduation.


  • Argos is a web-enabled reporting solution used to extract data from the Banner system at Wentworth.
  • Argos is supported on PCs and on Macs with a Windows Emulator. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer, although both Firefox and Chrome are supported with specific add-ons installed.
  • This tool is generally available 24 hours a day except during scheduled maintenance periods, upgrades or when there is a need to restart the system. Department Contacts are notified of these outages. This tool is only accessible from off campus while connected to the VPN.