Enterprise Applications

Admissions and Enterprise Services Improve Efficiency

Amy Dufour sits at her desk


Wentworth Admissions faced a growing challenge: processing applications was time-consuming and manually intensive.  With thousands of applications each year and more than 35,000 paper documents, a more efficient process was clearly needed. 

Admissions teamed with Enterprise Services to find a better way of dealing with all that paper.  The solution?   A streamlined process that outsourced the indexing and conversion of applications into electronic format.  “We reduced the workload of Admissions’ staff by eight to ten hours a day, and, reduced the time to enter an applicants’ information from four or five days to one day,” said Amy Dufour, Associate Director of Admissions.   

This allowed the Admissions staff to focus more on their core mission.  Amy said of the new process that “by partnering with Enterprise Services, we found real gains in efficiency using an innovative technology process.  We are already seeing a big increase in our efficiency and are thrilled about that!”

Spring Registration A Success!

From November 5th - 8th, registration opened for the Spring 2014 semester, and it was the fastest we've had. Compare the 1st 15 minutes (typically, the heaviest period of usage) of registration between this year and last year:

2013 Registration (students and courses)
2012 Registration (students and courses)
% increase of students and courses
558 students, 426 courses
13 students, 37 courses
4,292% student increase, 1,151% course increase
(Coop registration)
(Coop registration)
468 students, 427 courses
102 students, 134 courses
459% student increase, 319% course increase
698 students, 484 courses
457 students, 356 courses
153% student increase, 136% course increase
1724 students, 1337 courses
572 students, 527 courses
301% student increase, 254% course increase

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