In order to ensure the legibility of requisitions, use the provided requisition forms.

The majority of vendors already exist in our data base so you only the vendor name is required. If it is a new vendor, please fill out the address, phone, fax and contact information.

The “date required” refers to the date you need the goods or services in house, not the date you are submitting the requisition.

For Operational Budget purchases your organization (org) number and the account code must be entered. The requisition must be approved by the Department Budget Manager before it is sent to Purchasing. It is the responsibility of the Department Budget Manager to determine if funds are available for the purchase and the correct organization number and account code have been designated. If funds are not available, a purchase order will not be created and the Budget Manager will be contacted.

Requisitions for Capital goods and services are approved by the Associate Vice President for Business who will assign the Capital Budget organization number and account code.