Resources for Veterans

The Wentworth community is committed to providing support to veteran students to help make their transition easier and their academic performance more successful. The following offices, groups, and individuals can provide support and information to veteran students.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides free and confidential services to all Wentworth students.  Licensed professionals are on staff to speak with students about depression, anxiety, stress management, adjustment to college life, relationship concerns, substance abuse, and a variety of other issues.  They are also able to refer students to outside providers if needed.

Disability Services

Disability Services provides support to students with disabilities. Students with physical, medical, psychiatric, learning, or other documented disabilities are welcome to schedule an appointment to speak with a staff member to discuss accommodations and other available services.

Veteran Students of America

Wentworth is hoping to start a VSA chapter soon. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Office of Student Leadership Programs at

The Learning Center

The Learning Center assists all Wentworth students with academic challenges in the areas of math, science, technical courses specific to majors, and writing. In this student-based learning environment, students can receive individual help with their studies, meet and work in study groups, or go online to find resources to assist them in meeting their goals for academic success.

Faculty Mentors

This is an informal role that faculty members, who also happen to be veterans of the Armed Forces, who have volunteered to be a mentor for any veteran student who may feel more comfortable speaking to a fellow veteran.

Russell Bramhall
Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences
(617) 989-4387
U.S. Navy for three years during the Vietnam War - oceanography specialty

Robert Cournoyer
Associate Professor, Applied Math
(617) 989-4356
1st Lieutenant in the United States Army Security Agency stationed at Vint Hill Farms in Warrenton, Virginia.

Jerry Hopcroft
Professor, Civil Engineering and Technology
(617) 989-4177
Northeastern University Army ROTC Program, received cCommission as a Second Lt. in June of 1968. Served three years of active duty (1969-1972). One year in Saudi Arabia and 22 months at Fort Lewis, Washington. Honorably discharged with rank of Captain.

Susan G. Paris
Assistant Provost
(617) 989-4589
Served in the US Army as a Medical Laboratory Technician (Sp4). Married to an Army veteran who served two tours of Vietnam and has a son who is currently on his third tour of duty (Iraq and Afghanistan).

Peter Rourke
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Technology
(617) 989-4224
U.S. Army (1971 1973) rank E-4, Honorable Discharge
MOS: 55G20: Nuclear Weapons Maintenance, TS/CNWDI clearance
Basic training: Fort Dix, Advanced Weapons Training: Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
Served in S-4,  196th Ordinance Battalion, Okinawa

Joseph Schellings
Associate Professor, Management and Facilities
(617) 989-4365
Army (1964-1966), Served with the First Air Calvary Division in Vietnam.  Upon returning to the US, he ran the small unit Infantry Training and Tactics Range at Fort Dix and later commanded the Honor Guard at the Long Island National Cemetery.

Scott Sumner
Department Chair, Construction Management
(617) 989-4259
Army, Captain, Corps. of Engineers, Airborne Ranger, Viet Nam, BS PH and ARCOM

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