By The Numbers

Garbology: [noun]

Recyclables broken down by percentageThe scientific study of modern trash to understand the lifestyles and patterns of consumption of human society.

In the spring of 2011, a half-dozen brave Wentworth students suited up in protective equipment and boldly went where no students have gone before:  knee-deep into the trash collected from around campus.  The team sorted the materials people had thrown out to determine if they could have been recycled. The results surprised us all.

What does this mean?  Only 12% of the sample was truly "trash," while 88% could have been recycled.  Most surprising was the incredible amount of paper and cardboard thrown out.  Imagine if each of us took the time to recycle instead of tossing everything in the trash?  We could save the campus money, cut carbon, and avoid the environmental impacts from landfills!

Do you know how to recycle at WIT?  Check the do's and don'ts if you need a refresher.

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