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Discounted Semester T-Passes

Discounted t-passes are not available for the summer semester. 

It is recommended that students purchase a monthly pass online at www.mbta.com, at the Charlie Card store at Downtown Crossing Station, or by visiting a kiosk at any MBTA station. The Summer 2014 semester academic calendar will end in mid-August. Students should purchase monthly passes for May, June and July. It may not be worthwhile to purchase an unlimited monthly pass for August since the academic schedule ends early.

Students may also obtain a plastic Charlie Card from the Charlie Card store at Downtown Crossing or order a Charlie Card with any denomination online at www.mbta.com. The next opportunity to purchase a discounted semester pass will be for Fall 2014. Discount passes for Fall 2014 will go on sale in July 2014. 


Q: How long do the passes last?

A: Passes are good for the entire semester, September 1st-December 31st (fall) and January 1st-April 30th (spring).

Q: Do we need to prepay for the entire semester or may we submit monthly payments?

A: Prepayment for the entire semester (4 months) is required to receive the 15% discount.

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment and order forms must be turned in no later than Friday, August 1st, 2014 to the Office of Commuter Student Programs (013 Flanagan Campus Center). Mailed payments should be postmarked no later July 27th, 2014. 

Q: Do the commuter rail, outer/inner express bus and ferry passes include the subway lines too?

A: Yes, each pass is all-inclusive from your zone all the way into the city without time, day or usage restrictions (unlimited). For example, if you purchase a Zone 3 pass, you will have access to commuter rail, bus lines and the subway from Zone 3 all the way into the center of Boston. 

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: You may prepay for your semester t-pass with a credit/debit card, personal check made out to Wentworth, or Fenway Cash. Cash is not accepted. Personal checks can be mailed to Mallory Pernaa, Commuter Student Programs 013 Flanagan Campus Center, 550 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115. You may pay with a card in person by visiting the Flanagan Campus Center Info Hub desk in the ground floor of Beatty Hall or by calling Mallory Pernaa directly at 617.989.4487. Card payments may be processed over the phone.

Q: I do not know what pass I need. Who can I contact?

A: Click here to view the Zone Map for the MBTA's website to find out which pass (zone) you will be commuting from or you may contact Mallory Pernaa, Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs at 617.989.4487 or by email at pernaam@wit.edu. Another way to find out which zone you are commuting to/from is to view the list provided here.

Q: How much are passes without the 15% discount?

A: The Order Form includes the 15% discounted pricing. A new order form for Fall 2014 will be posted in June as the MBTA may raise prices this upcoming year (updated 4.10.14).

Q: I live on campus. Do I need a semester t-pass?

A: Not necessarily. If you are only planning on using public transportation once or twice each week you are better off picking up a free, plastic Charlie Card from Ruggles Station near campus (orange line station on Ruggles St.). You may load money on to this card and pay per ride. Having the plastic Charlie Card ensures that you will receive rides at a discounted rate as it costs more when you pay cash on board. If you do plan on taking using public transportation regularly for an off-campus job (3-4x/week) then you would benefit from purchasing the semester pass.

Have a question? Email Mallory Pernaa at pernaam@wit.edu or contact her directly by phone at 617-989-4487.

Additional Resources

The MBTA's website provides the following resources:

  • Trip Planner
  • Phone Apps and Service Alerts
  • Fares and commuter rail zone maps


The deadline to order a discounted t-pass for Fall 2014 is 12PM on Friday, August 1st, 2014. Contact Mallory Pernaa, Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs with any questions or concerns at 617.989.4487 or by email at pernaam@wit.edu.

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