The Leopard's Oath

Leopard's Oath Sticker

Our Community Commitment

Wentworth Institute of Technology is a community of students, faculty and staff committed to learning and growth. Knowing that human interaction is essential to our growth and development, we must cultivate an environment of civility and respect in order to maximize our potential. As members of the Wentworth community, we agree to uphold the following principles:

Act with compassion and respect
We acknowledge the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals in our community. We strive to treat others as they would like to be treated through all our interactions and treat property of others as it were our own. We all contribute to a safe environment free of vandalism, bias speech, physical violence and harassment.

Withhold judgment and seek learning
We acknowledge that we are all different in terms of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexuality, gender and in many other aspects of ourselves. We recognize that seeking to learn and understand each other not only contributes to our personal growth, but enables us to be more effective and active citizens and professionals. We seek to create an inclusive environment where all have the right to be themselves.

Take civility into every environment
We acknowledge that we are Wentworth in the classroom, at co-op, and in all of our personal interactions. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics. We welcome a diversity of ideas that allows for the most appropriate and efficient problem solving skills to be used. We have collective responsibility to create and maintain a respectful environment and hold each other accountable for our behavior.

Embrace our history and lead our future
We acknowledge all those who came before us to create our strong heritage. We will learn from their contributions, scholarship, and traditions; challenge appropriately in pursuit of growth; and contribute our legacy to ensure success for future generations of Wentworth students, faculty and staff.

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