Enhance Institutional Resources

R-1: Diversify and expand revenue streams

Strategic Objective: Reduce reliance on tuition and auxiliary revenue from undergraduate day students through growth in other existing sources of revenue and development of new revenue streams.

Strategy Owner: Peter Maddox, Associate Vice President, Finance

Team Members

  • Phil Bernard, Director, Housing and Residential Life
  • Chuck Hotchkiss, Provost's Office, Associate Provost
  • Charlene Roy, Director, Business Services

R-2: Enhance financial strength

Strategic Objective: Develop relationships and support among our varied constituencies to secure the financial resources required to help Wentworth optimize its balance sheet, including through increased fundraising activity.

Strategy Owner: Paula Sakey, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Team Members

  • Michael Oudshoorn
  • Lori Friedman
  • Julie Dutcher
  • Anne-Marie Caruso
  • Peter Maddocks
  • Michael Pankevich
  • Kim Garcia
  • Erik Miller
  • Jennifer Kosses

R-3: Build facilities infrastructure

Strategic Objective: Update academic facilities, provide modern student housing, improve Wentworth’s edges and enhance pedestrian connections while continuing to keep our academics at the
forefront of technology

Strategy Owner: Mike Pankievich, Associate Vice President for Physical Facilities, Business

Team Members

  • Phillip Bernard, Director, Housing and Residential Life
  • Bob Ferro, Director, Physical Plant
  • Tom McCormack, Director, Planning and Construction

R-4: Build IT support organization into an institutional strategic partnership

Strategic Objective: Build relationships across the institute to ensure that technology solutions are creating opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiencies and are agile enough to facilitate innovation.

Strategy Owner: Mark Staples, CIO/Vice President, Technology Services

Team Members

  • Margaret Card, Director, Human Resources
  • Mia He, Director, Division of Technology Services
  • Nichole Mancone, Registrar, Registrar's Office
  • Dianne Plummer, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Brad Wild, Director, Institutional Research
  • Ron Frattura, Instructional Designer, Learning and Development
  • Phil Hammond, Director, College of Professional and Continuing Education
  • Sarah Walkowiak, Instructional Designer, Learning and Development
  • Peter Cochrane, Technology and Events Specialist, Career Services
  • Karmon Runquist, Director of Internet Technologies, Design & Content, Division of Technology Services
  • Annamaria Wenner, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, and Dean of Students

R-5: Pursue operational efficiencies

Strategic Objective: Effectively establish sustainable standards, encourage collaborative opportunities, reduce redundancies and promote cost effective procurement practices.

Strategy Owner: Gerry Inman, Director, Purchasing 

Team Members

  • Mike Bergeron, Assistant Director, Physical Plant
  • Joseph Cameron, Housing Coordinator, Physical Plant
  • Wen Chen, Director, Student Financial Services
  • Don Condrey, Assistant Director, Purchasing
  • Paul Dyer, Work Control Coordinator, Physical Plant
  • Theodore Greene, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Technology
  • Mike Pankievich, Associate Vice President for Physical Facilities, Business
  • Charlene Roy, Director, Business Services

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