Engage, Empower, And Recruit A Diverse Wentworth Community

O-1: Deepen engagement of students

Strategic Objective: Create an educational experience and campus culture that results in all students embracing their lifelong role in the Wentworth family.

Strategy Owner: Annamaria Wenner, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

Team Members

  • Jeanmarie Ambrose, Director of International Student Services, International Student Services
  • Rebecca Brenner, Associate Director, Annual Fund
  • Beth Anne Cooke-Cornell, Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Paul Dyer, Work Control Coordinator, Physical Plant
  • Danielle Ferrara, Associate Athletic Director, Athletics
  • Chris Haigh, Director of Diversity Programs, Student Affairs
  • Julie Lancaster, Admissions Counselor, Admissions
  • Mallory Pernaa, Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs, Commuter Student Programs
  • Justin Sabourin, Manager of Network Operations, Division of Technology Services

O-2: Improve culture of communication and transparency

Strategic Objective: Create a community that values individual contributions, celebrates differences, and enables collaboration across divisions, departments, and disciplines by improving communication and transparency.

Strategy Owner: Amy Intille, Chief of Staff, President's Office

Team Members

  • Angel Ayres, Director, Athletics
  • Eric Crumrine, Resident Director, Housing and Residential Life
  • Lora Kim, Associate Professor, Architecture
  • Eduardo Pagan, Aide to Public Safety, Public Safety
  • Elissa Silverman, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Les Vaughan, Associate Vice President, Division of Technology Services

O-3: Enhance faculty/staff development, satisfaction, and retention

Strategic Objective: Create a positive work environment by investing in professional development and recognition programs and delivering competitive benefit and compensation plans.

Strategy Owner: Margaret Card, Director, Human Resources

Team Members

  • Amanda Devitt, Events Coordinator, Athletics
  • Carissa Durfee, Director, Office of Campus Life
  • Greg Jackson, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services
  • Pia Romano, Information Services Librarian, Library
  • Joseph Santacroce, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Technology
  • Taylor Sharkey, Senior Administrative Secretary, Physical Plant
  • Marilyn Stern, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

O-4: Attract and retain the best diverse faculty, staff, and students

Strategic Objective: To create an engaged, empowered, and diverse community, we will recruit outstanding faculty, staff, and students which will benefit from and make positive contributions.

Strategy Owner: Keiko Broomhead, Vice President, Enrollment Management

Team Members

  • Ann-Marie Caruso, Director, Financial Aid
  • Jennifer Cheng, Office Coordinator, Office of Campus Life
  • Leon Cort, Professor, Management
  • Bob Desilits, Athletic Coordinator, Athletics
  • Maureen Dischino, Executive Director, Admissions
  • Laurie Grove, Assistant Professor, Math/Science
  • Susan Morin, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources
  • Dianne Plummer, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • David Swyter, Student

O-5: Fully engage alumni in the vision and life of the Institute

Strategic Objective: Develop a lifelong community of alumni through the offering of diversified and meaningful engagement opportunities to foster increased pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment.

Strategy Owner: Keira McClain, Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Team Members

  • Rebecca Brenner, Associate Director, Annual Fund
  • Tom Devitt, Athletics, Athletic Development Coordinator
  • Kristen Harrington, Alumni Programs, Associate Director
  • Tina MacDonald, Admissions, Admissions Counselor
  • Steven Rossi, Office of Campus Life, Assistant Director
  • Robin Slavin, Career Services, Career Advisor
  • Ashley Zolenski, Institutional Advancement, Associate Director

O-6: Diversity as a business practice

Strategy Owner: Russ Pinizzotto, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs, Provost, and Chief Academic Officer

Team Members

  • Leon Cort, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Susan Morin, Human Resources Manager
  • Chris Haigh, Director of Diversity Programs
  • Peter Fowler, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  • Jennifer Cheng, Campus Life Program Advisor
  • Wayne Johnson, Trustee

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