Common Registration Errors

Below is a list of the most common registration errors. Read the solutions below for assistance. When necessary, contact the department that owns the course that cannot be added (ex: for a COMP course, contact the Computer Science department) or the SSC to update/settle your student account.

Registration Error Message

Reason for Error


“You have a hold on your account.”

Your account is not settled- usually due to an outstanding balance, missing financial aid paperwork, etc.

Contact the SSC at (617) 989-4020 or to settle your account.

“Please enter your Alternate PIN to access registration.”

You need a registration access code (RAC) code to register for classes.

Contact your advisor or your department to get you RAC code.

“Closed Course”

No more seats are available in the section.

Find another section or go to the department to get approval.  Note that some courses (sciences) cannot be overenrolled for any reason.

“Linked Course Required”

You are trying to add a lecture and lab that are not linked or you are missing a linked course.

Choose linked section, for example, labs CHEM380-02 and CHEM380-03 go with lecture CHEM380-01.  Add lecture and lab sections at the same time.

“Prerequisite and Test Score Error”

You are missing a prerequisite or a co-requisite course.

Get department approval for missing prerequisite or choose a different course. Add co-requisite courses at the same time:  example ARCH115 and ARCH155.

“Field of Study Restriction- Major”

This class is reserved for another major.

Choose another class.

“Time Conflict”

You have tried to add two courses that are scheduled at the same time.

Pick courses that are not scheduled at the same time.

“You are not allowed to register at this time”

You are trying to register at a time when registration is not available.

Wait until registration opens, you can find registration dates in the Registration Instructions.

“College Restriction”

You are trying to register for a CPCE (night school) course.

Day students can only register for sections at night if they end in -81, 82, 83, etc.

“Class Restriction”

You are trying to register for a section that is restricted to another class level.

Choose another class or get department approval.

“Maximum Hours Exceeded”

You have exceeded the 20 credits maximum per semester.

Fill out Student Exception Form and pay for extra credits exceeding the 20 credit limit.

“Duplicate Course”

You have listed two sections of the same course.

Delete the old section in your schedule and then add the new section.  For special topics course get department approval.

“Student Attribute Restriction”

You are a BIND or BINT major and you are trying to register for the incorrect studio section.

When registering in Spring, choose a different instructor from your Fall studio instructor.  Contact your department for assistance.

“You have no registration time ticket.”

You are not an active student.

Contact the SSC at (617) 989-4020.

"Mutual Exclusion with <CLASS>"

You have taken a class that is mutually exclusive with another class (i.e. you can only take one of the two classes). 

Register for a different class or contact the academic department that offers the class for more information.

"Repeat Count Exceeds 1"

You are registering for a course you have already repeated once. Academic policy does not allow for repeating a course multiple times.

An appeal to repeat the course a second time must be made to the Academic Appeals Committee.

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