Computer Science

Flosum 2015 Scholarship

The Flosum 2015 Scholarship is a new $750 scholarship award open to pursuing or intending to pursue their bachelor’s degree which can be in the fields of computer engineering, computer science or in another technical discipline such as electrical engineering, physics or mathematics with an interest in the field of computer science.

What’s behind this scholarship?

IDC estimates that this year alone that 60% of the budget will be spent on IT maintenance. This number is projected to grow fifty-fold by the year 2020. Right now and in the near future, companies need a complete life-cycle management framework to help manage and control the applications. We want to encourage students to pursue release management careers and to play an active role in the new data-centric global economy.

Scholarship Details:

Submit your scholarship application to:

Deadline: December 15, 2015

SEO Expert Scholarship

Here at Walnut Solutions, we recognize that the investment in knowledge that pays the best interest for future. So for year 2015-16, Walnut Solutions is creating the SEO Expert scholarship for the students pursuing their education in Computer Science.

Scholarship details found here
Deadline: February 1st, 2016

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