Tips for Helping your Student

Families often ask how to help their student prepare and get ready for college. One of the biggest changes for many students when they arrive at Wentworth is living independently. Living independently includes both physically living in our residence halls as well as advocating for themselves in our community. Your student will need to approach a professor during their office hours if they don’t understand the material. Your student will need to recognize that they may be struggling in a particular area and schedule an appointment for tutoring at the Center for Teaching and Learning. Your student will need to attend his 8:00 AM classes, despite having spent the evening socializing or his difficult morning commute. For some students, this is a difficult challenge.

There are some concrete things that you can do to assist your student before they arrive:
  • Encourage them to voice their needs in external settings. If your student has a disagreement or a minor conflict, support your student but let them handle it on their own.
  • Encourage your student to take on the same tasks that they will do once they arrive to Wentworth. One prime example is laundry. Many students arrive having been shown how to do laundry once. Make your student responsible for their laundry prior to arriving so they work out all of the kinks with you, rather than when they are living here. Mastery of these basic living skills at home will ease their transition into the new community.
  • All students have a summer reading book. Talk with your student about the book.
  • Discuss your values and expectations around community standards. How will you react if your child is involved in the discipline process?  To learn more, please see the Office of Community Standards
  • Discuss your expectations around sharing grades. First year students at Wentworth received midterm grades that are posted to their account. Discuss how you would like for your student to share those grades with them, if at all.
  • Resist the urge to complete your student’s Wentworth related tasks over the summer. This is a good chance for them to practice their new skills

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