April 09, 2014

Accelerate Teams in the Hot Seat

Accelerate teams took to Willson Hall on March 27 for the Hot Seat event, an opportunity for 2014 Spring teams, as well as funded teams, to share their early-stage ideas with alumni, professionals from Boston’s ecosystem, and Accelerate mentors and ambassadors.

Guests were encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback, and help students get ready for the Pitch Round in April.

Teams participating included:

  • Bay 5 Motors: Zach Richards, BIND—Aims to move the moped from the past to the present
  • Board Secure: Greg Butterworth, BELM; Joseph Beliveau, BSE; Minh Nguyen, BSCE; Hung Dinh, BBME—A multipurpose rack design to lock bikes, longboards, and skateboards
  • Entrep: Scott Bonney, BELM; Brandon Dryer, BELM; Kimm Silva, BIND; Shawn Dryer, BELM—An online student entrepreneurial community where users can communicate, find help, and access free resources/support
  • Vue: Haiden Goggin, BIND; Tony Travaglini, BIND; Param Pabla, BEME—A handheld vaporizer for outpatient medical use
  • Sound Weaver: Tyler McSorley, BSEE; Max Iglehart, BSEE; Joseph Shanley, BSEE—A new type of musical instrument, creating musical tone based on the movement of your hand
  • Wearable Technology: Steve Arsenault, BIND; Brianna Gammons, Business (BU)—Enhancing the human experience by defining the wearable experience
  • Aqua Lung: Peter Buckus, BSE; Tyler Castle, BSE—A product to give anyone the ability to breathe underwater
  • Alpha Industries: Josh Willis, BSE; Greg Frasco, BCOS; Ryan Cataldo, BSME; Rae Rice, Fine Art-SMFA; Caleb Jackson (BEME)—Dedicated to improving the efficiency of wind turbines installation and opening new markets
  • ‘Sthetic: Marc Perella, BSCM—A longboard that combines the tactile response of a skate deck with the mechanics and efficiency of a longboard
  • Simply Stored: Deborah Massaro, ARCH; Stephanie Nannariello, BIND—Simply Stored solves the problem of storing nail polish in a simple, space-saving, and elegant way
  • CareZ: Ciro Podany, ARCH; Nick Strout, ARCH; Tory Lam, ARCH; Walmen Dumaliang, BIND; Derek Bisson, ARCH—An inexpensive carrying device to transport large pieces of chipboard, cardboard, and canvas easily in urban environments
  • Piinc: Alex Schwarzkopf, BELM; Dylan Powers, BELM; Matthew Joyal, BELM; Pat Thompson, BIND—A system that can detect sport-related concussions and notify coaches or personnel with real-time monitoring
  • Gentoo: Greg Affsa, BIND; Ben Nadeau, BELM—Providing freedom and mobility for outpatient infusion treatments

Photos from the event can be seen below.

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