March 31, 2014

Wentworth Ranked in Top 8 Percent Overall and Top 10 in MA Private Schools in PayScale's 2014 College ROI Report

Boston, MA – March 31, 2014 – PayScale, an online provider of compensation data, ranked Wentworth Institute of Technology #108 overall out of 1,310 colleges and universities that were included in its 2014 College ROI Report. PayScale examined the return on investment at more than 1,000 U.S. colleges and universities to determine the potential financial return of attending each school given the cost of tuition and the payoff in median lifetime earnings associated with each school over a 20-year period.

According to PayScale’s research, Wentworth’s 20-year net ROI was calculated at $460,100, with an annual ROI of 7.0 percent based on a 2013 cost of $169,200 (based on the total cost to attend the school weighted for the length of time it takes most students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree).

Wentworth is regularly included in PayScale’s annual College Salary Report, and the Institute is also listed on the list of Best Engineering Colleges by Salary Potential as the fifth highest from Massachusetts. 

Additionally, Wentworth scored top honors in this year’s rankings in categories considering financial aid, as well as specific majors. Highlights include:

  • #108 in "Overall Best Schools"
  • #10 in "Tuition Type (Private)" in MA
  • #5 in "Engineering Schools" category in MA
  • #7 in "20-Year Net ROI for Arts major" in MA
  • #4 in "20-Year Net ROI for Business major" in MA
  • #7 in "20-Year Net ROI for Computer Science major" in MA
  • #22 in "Annual ROI" with financial aid in MA
  • #14 in "Annual ROI" without financial aid in MA

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