March 19, 2014

Spring 2014 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Announced

For the month of March, the Office of Academic Relations is pleased to be hosting the Spring 2014 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series in conjunction with an Alumni Library Exhibit.

Professors Derek Cascio of Industrial Design and Rick Trilling of Business Management will be exhibiting the work of their students, culminating with their own lectures on Thursday, March 27 at 3:30 p.m. in Blount Auditorium.

Professor Cascio’s talk is entitled Bringing an Idea to Life: Synthesizing with Design, and his Library exhibit will showcase a one-of-a-kind collaboration between his students and the Design Museum Boston: Retail: Retell. Rethink. Recycle, which took place at the Prudential Center in Boston to teach the public about design.

Professor Trilling’s talk is entitled A Proposed Model for Cross-Campus Entrepreneurship Education, with his exhibit showcasing examples of Entrepreneurship programs at various institutions offering evidence and guidance on best practices for developing a model for this type of education.

More information about the lecture can be found below.


Bringing an Idea to Life: Synthesizing with Design

Bringing an idea to life is no easy task. It is a pursuit that requires passion and hard work from many different people each with their own perspectives. Design with a capital D is a function that facilitates bringing together all of the different points of view. By using the tools of design to realize not one, but many possible solutions, we can ultimately create one vision out of many. Derek will share some of these tools and examples of how designers work across multiple disciplines to make the world a better place.

Exhibition Description

In the summer of 2011 Industrial Design students at Wentworth Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Design Museum Boston, unveiled a one of a kind exhibition at the Prudential Center. This exhibition entitled Retail: Retell. Rethink. Recycle. was the result of 14 weeks of work; the goal — to create an exhibition that satisfied Design Museum Boston’s mission of teaching the public about design. This particular project was aimed at providing a better understanding of product lifecycle and the responsibility we as consumers have in that continuum. The entire exhibition was designed and developed by the students resulting in an extremely high caliber work that was seen by well over 50,000 people in two weeks. A selection of the works presented at the Prudential Center will be on view in the Library for the month of March. 


Derek Cascio is a freelance designer and educator currently working as a full time faculty member in the Industrial Design department. In addition to Derek’s activities at Wentworth he is also serving on the Board of Directors at Design Museum Foundation, a non-profit he co-founded in 2009. He is a compulsive doodler and always enjoys getting together for a cup of coffee. 


A Proposed Model for Cross-Campus Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurialism is fundamental to success at every level of business management, and in most every discipline.  What is the most effective model for teaching entrepreneurship, and to whom should it be taught?  An analysis of seven decades of empirical evidence, from programs at dozens of institutions of higher education in the United States and elsewhere, provides guidance as to the best practices to be emulated in developing such a model.

Exhibition description

Entrepreneurship is acknowledged as being fundamental to success in every business enterprise, in every industry and discipline.  Over the past seven decades of changing economic and business environments, higher education has endeavored to find the most effective model for teaching entrepreneurship.  This exhibition highlights examples from such programs at various institutions, offering empirical evidence and providing guidance as to the best practices to be emulated in developing a model for cross-campus entrepreneurship education. 


Rick Trilling is an Associate Professor in the Business Management department and previously taught at Boston University School of Law, explaining business and legal concepts to law students.  He has written several articles on business and entrepreneurship in legal publications.  Drawing on a quarter century of experience providing legal and business counsel to enterprise clients from startup to termination, Rick has most recently shepherded the Entrepreneurship concentration for the Business Management department.  He also has illusions of writing the next Great American Novel/Techno Thriller.

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