September 25, 2013

Swiss Exchange Students Making Themselves at Home

L to R: Professor Sandeep Dilwali, and students Patrik Rüegg, Daniel Rohrer, Adrian Stalder, and Semir Jahic

Four of the newest students on campus have traveled quite a bit further than most of their peers and they’re quickly finding that life at Wentworth is everything they hoped for.

Patrik Ruegg, Semir Jahic, Adrian Stalder, and Daniel Rohrer are currently studying abroad by way of Lucerne University, located in north-central Switzerland. Students in the School of Applied Sciences and Arts at Lucerne, they are studying engineering at Wentworth and working under the advisement of Associate Professor and Director of Engineering – Interdisciplinary Sandeep Dilwali in the College of Engineering and Technology.

“We want to make the experience of exchange students visiting Wentworth a very memorable one,” Dilwali said prior to the students’ arrival for the fall semester.

The students are living full-time in Wentworth residence halls and are studying a variety of class subjects including management communications, entrepreneurial marketing, software development, network administration, microcontroller programming, machine design, and computer aided design. Already, they have found their time here enjoyable, praising the professors, relating their appreciation for laptop distribution and other Wentworth programs, and stressing the importance of the campus to their overall experience.

“I really like the facilities and the campus. You can access everything you want in a short time,” said Rohrer. “Additionally, the facilities have all a high quality standard, which I appreciate.”

Stated Ruegg, “I like the beautiful campus and the closeness to the center of Boston. I love to explore new cities.” Stalder and Jahic both noted the Schumann Fitness Center and other campus facilities as standouts thus far.

The four students

The students will be on campus through the semester. Dilwali says that he and Fred Driscoll, dean of the College of Engineering and Technology, hope to soon welcome more exchange students to the school.

“We have plans to bring more students to Wentworth from Switzerland and also other countries with whom we are working toward the development of exchange student agreements,” said Dilwali.

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