August 13, 2013

Wentworth Collaborates with Mission Hill Health Movement

Wentworth civil engineering students recently installed a back deck and accessibility ramp for the Mission Hill Health Movement (MHHM), an organization that provides health and housing programs for Mission Hill residents.

The 20 students—all members of the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter and the Wentworth Green Team—built the additions with the help of Professor Francis Hopcroft of the Department of Civil Engineering and Technology.

“The work that the students did on this project was a win for everyone involved,” said Professor Hopcroft “The MHHM received a badly needed access ramp and rear deck, while the students gained direct, hands-on knowledge of how to apply the theories of the classroom to the demands of actual practice.”

Two years ago, Hopcroft met Maggie Cohn, the director of MHHM, at an open house hosted by Wentworth’s Center for Community and Learning Partnerships. When Cohn received funding for the project, she called Hopcroft for help with the additions.

“Many of the participants had no idea what carpentry, concrete design, and structural details mean to an engineering project until they got into the field and got dirty doing the work,” said Hopcroft. “I am exceptionally pleased with the way the Wentworth students approached the project, as a learning experience, but with a clear objective to provide the best outcome possible for the MHHM. Both objectives were very clearly achieved.”

Mission Hill Health Movement celebrated the project with an open house earlier this summer, where an award was presented to the team for its efforts.

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