June 25, 2013

Rowing Team Wins Second Place in Intercollegiate Regatta

Wentworth Rowing Team

A team of five students made Wentworth Rowing history by winning the Institute’s first-ever medal honors.  More than 100 schools competed in the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, which was held in Pennsylvania in May, making it the largest intercollegiate regatta in North America. Wentworth’s men’s heavyweight five-person varsity team won second place and was only 9.5 seconds off from winning the Thomas A. Curran Cup, which is given out to the first-place finisher.

“I followed the race on shore by bicycle, and I was at a loss for words when 600 meters into the 2000-meter race, the crew was comfortably in second place,” Coach Katie Lane said.

After qualifying for the semifinals last year and winning second place in the grand finals this year, next year will be full of opportunity for the team that was recently promoted to varsity status. Coach Lane hopes the team will use this win as motivation to continue improving.

“The team’s performance this year showed the rowing community that we are a rapidly rising squad that can only grow stronger. This medal is a stepping stone that we will continue to build on in the upcoming years,” Lane said.

Of equal importance, the students have become more than just a sports team.

“It’s not only a team, but a community that supports each other both in and out of the boat. It is because of this bond among teammates that they are able to overcome obstacles and push themselves that much further,” Lane said.

As she looks to the future, she is confident that the Wentworth crew will stand out from the rest.  

“I like to think that while we may not be the strongest crew out there, we are the crew that has the heart to row harder than anyone else,” Lane said.

Ryan Andrews, captain of the team, hopes the team will continue to uphold the admirable reputation they earned this year.

“Going into this upcoming year with the reputation we gained for ourselves at the Dad Vail Regatta adds a lot of pressure. Opposing schools are going to be looking out for us and we want to continue to give them a reason to,” he said.

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