April 09, 2013

Around the World

On April 2, Wentworth students traveled the globe—all within the confines of Watson Auditorium. The Around the World reception allowed students to experience different cultures through numerous displays, each representing a different country.

Students sampled cuisine from the 11 countries represented (Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Senegal, France, China, Egypt, Nigeria, Barbados/Caribbean, Italy, Ukraine, and Lithuania) and asked questions about the cultures. In addition to the food, international students shared a taste of their home through music, pictures, and videos.

“It’s a great way to expose students to the diversity we have here at Wentworth,” said International Student Services Counselor Michele Sanchez, a co-coordinator of the event.

The event also included an international Bingo contest, a raffle, and a chance for students to explore new lands as they viewed the Spring International Photo Exhibit.

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