September 20, 2011

An Open Book: Artists Work On Display in Casella Gallery

Hanging from the ceilings of Casella Gallery are fourteen sheets of handmade paper crafted out of thick strips of plant fibers that are arranged in the shapes of blooming flowers.

“[The plant] is harvested in a way to make the paper that it doesn’t kill the plant, and so it can renew itself very quickly, and it’s not nearly as harmful to the environment,” Meda Rives, one of the sheets’ creators, said.

This idea of renewing, along with the ideas of life, nature, and spirituality are exactly what Meda and her twin sister and fellow artist Veda want visitors to consider when they get their first look at “BookEnvirons: Wentworth,” an exhibit the sisters created specifically for the Casella Gallery, on display until September 23. 

The term “BookEnviron” was coined by the Riveses to describe an immersive “book” that takes up the space of a gallery, which in theory creates an “environment.” The sisters hope visitors will find it to be a peaceful and quiet place to stop by during their busy days.

“We intend [the exhibit] to be a place set aside from all the crazy, hectic chaos of your life,” Meda says. “We try to have it be a very spiritual experience [where] the individual can think about the nature references with the flowers, some of them are blooming, some of them are fading, that kind of life cycle.” 

The exhibit will be on display in Casella Gallery through September 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every weekday. For more information, please call Elaine Mom, academic coordinator in the College of Arts and Sciences at (617) 989-4293.

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