June 13, 2011

Central University of Venezuela students join Wentworth's senior architecture class

Agreement with Central University of Venezuela extended four more years

For the fourth year since 2006, students and faculty members from Central University of Venezuela (UCV) will spend the summer semester at Wentworth participating in a senior architecture class, “Community Design Studio.” Their course will focus on issues of sustainability and urban design projects in the Allston-Brighton areas, offering exposure to a real-life project and service to the community.

Associate Professor of Architecture Manuel Delgado—previously a student and professor at UCV—has been instrumental in forming and maintaining an agreement with the university, which has made the exchange possible. “This ongoing relationship increases the students’ knowledge of other countries [both from UCV and Wentworth] and allows them to develop a global approach to design issues,” said Delgado. “The students from Venezuela come to Boston and learn about a magnificent city that is an example of good urban design.”

This year, ten master’s students and two professors from UCV are participating in the program. Based on the program’s success, President Zorica Pantić is pleased to be extending the agreement for another four years.

Maria Auxiliadora Gonzalez, a student from UCV with her master’s in landscape architecture, has returned for her second time and said she is honored to be at Wentworth. “On behalf of the students from Venezuela, we are all so grateful for this wonderful experience of a lifetime,” she said.

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