February 04, 2011

RecycleMania: It Pays to Go Green

Club president Stephen Aissis and other members of the Green Team

This year, going green could be a lucrative move for the Wentworth community. This is Wentworth’s second year participating in the RecycleMania competition and the Green Team is entering all who pledge to recycle into a free raffle to win Visa gift certificates of $100, $200, or $300, and is hosting a pizza party for the dorm or office that recycles the most.

RecycleMania, which began on January 24, is a 10-week-long recycling competition among nearly 600 colleges across the nation. Last year, club president Steve Aissis, BCET ’13, and his classmates on the Green Team helped raise the recycling rate at Wentworth from 11 percent to 17 percent.  This year, the team’s goal is to reach 25 percent. 

The Green Team also hopes to increase awareness of waste reduction programs, reduce the overall waste generated on campus, and act as a vehicle for creating and increasing recycling programs for colleges nationwide. “We want to inform other clubs, and spread the word about the importance of recycling. It’s our job to be passionate about this,” said Aissis.

The club raised funds for RecycleMania through April’s Earth Day Dinner event and enrollment fees from Associate Professor Lawrence Decker’s 13-week Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design seminar, which qualifies students to take the LEED-certification exam. In addition to RecycleMania, the Green Team also plans a canoeing trip in the fall, as well as a hiking trip and a visit to the Deer Island water treatment plant as part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. This year, the team hopes to participate in an annual Water Treatment Design competition, in Sacramento, Calif.

From now until the beginning of April, the team is all about tin cans and glass bottles. But it’s not only prizes or even having a positive effect on the environment that motivate these students—it’s also the other schools that they are battling against for green supremacy. “I think it would be great for Wentworth to compete and get our name out there,” said Aissis.

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