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Now Available: Springer Articles and E-books

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Alumni Library is pleased to bring you Springer e-Books and e-Journals.  SpringerLink is Springer’s comprehensive online delivery platform, providing easy access to more than 5 million resources in the world’s most complete online collection of STM books and journals.  Springer has embodied a commitment to publishing the world’s highest quality scientific, medical and technical research.  Along the way, Springer has published the work of more than 190 Nobel laureates, including all nine of the 2011 winners for chemistry, Economics, Medicine and Physics. 

SpringerLink delivers more than 36,000 eBooks and over 1700 Journals.  E-Books on the platform include monographs, textbooks, handbooks, atlases, book series, and lecture notes.  SpringerLink is a constantly growing resource with new works added all the time.  More than 7,000 new STM books are added every year and more than 12,000 journal articles every month.

SpringerLink uses mobile optimizedResponsive design of headers and menus which allows for optimal browsing on a desktop, tablet or phone without losing any essential functionality or pushing critical content further down the page.

MyCopy lets users order a personal soft cover edition of Springer eBook titles for a fraction of the usual print cost.  Available to registered patrons of libraries that have purchased Springer eBook titles or collections, MyCopy includes over 25,000 titles.  Since launch in 2008 this print-on-demand service has proved extremely popular, with students and researchers.

Watch this SpringerLink Online Tutorial – finding articles or chapter  to help you get started. 

How can you access Springer?

  1. Go to the Alumni Library website.
  2. Choose the Research by Subject tab, select “All Databases A-Z
  3. Scroll down to Springer Articles or Springer e-books.

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