Faculty Technology Mentoring Program

The Division of Technology Services and the Division of Academic Affairs/Office of the Provost at Wentworth are pleased to introduce a Faculty Technology Mentoring Program to foster professional and personal growth of Wentworth’s faculty. Many faculty members have already introduced learning technologies into their course curricula, and this program will better enable faculty to collaborate and share their teaching strategies.

This mentoring program is designed to build on these educational innovations and inspire other faculty members to get involved as well as develop sound teaching strategies for the effective and stimulating utilization of technology in educational environments.

About the Program

The integration of technology into the classroom offers many challenges and faculty mentors have continuously refinded their teaching strategies to increase student learning. In collaboration with other faculty members on campus, the faculty mentor's hope is to spark the development of more best practices, gain better insights into what works and what does not work in the classroom, explore common projects, and define how a course curriculum could be positioned to support and reach neo-millennial learners.

In addition to the collaboration with faculty members, the mentors work with the Division of Technology Services to assist faculty with technology related issues, develop strategies for the integration of technology into teaching and learning environments, and the evaluation of student’s feedback to improve existing scenarios.

Mentors also work in collaboration with the three new technology committees:

  • ATAC [Academic Technology Advisory Committee]
  • ISAC [Information Systems Advisory Committee]
  • WTAC [Wentworth Technology Advisory Committee]

Get Involved

Contact the faculty mentors, if you ask yourself ...

  • How can I engage students with my course materials?
  • Why is student centered teaching more effective with technology?
  • What is a wiki and how does it work?
  • How can I effectively manage student presentations?
  • What are the benefits of adding audio/video to course materials?
  • When it is appropriate for students to create content?
  • What are the most effective ways to teach using technology?
  • What are the pros and cons of online assessments?
  • If eportfolios really work in and outside college?
  • How can laptops be integrated into the classroom?
  • Are there more efficient ways to organize course materials in Blackboard?

The mentors look forward to exploring these and other questions in an effort to encourage collaboration among faculty members and enrich both teaching and student learning.

Contact the mentors at: facultymentor@wit.edu

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