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Blackboard Vista Documentation


My Settings (PDF)
Accessing Your Course for the First Time (PDF)
Copying Course Content from Another Section (PDF)
About the Build Tab (PDF)
Using Selective Release (PDF)

Planning and Building Your Course
Planning Course Content in Blackboard Vista 8 (PDF)
Adding Content Files from your Computer (PDF)
Adding Content Files from Another Blackboard Section (PDF)
Using Blackboard's HTML Creator (PDF)
Creating Assignments (PDF)
Using the Assignment Dropbox (PDF)
Creating a Learning Module (PDF)
Editing a Learning Module (PDF)
Adding Web Links (PDF)
Adding News Feeds via Library Databases (PDF)
Communication and Collaboration Tools
About Communcation and Collaboration Tools (PDF)

Announcements (PDF)

Calendar (PDF)

Mail (PDF)

To Do List (PDF)

Who's Online? (PDF)

Chat and Whiteboard (PDF)

Threaded Discussions, Blogs and Journals (PDF)
File Management
Sharing Content Between Sections (Zipping and Exporting Learning Modules) (PDF)

Using Web Folders to Upload Multiple Files (PC) (PDF)

Using Web Folders to Upload Multiple Files (Mac) (PDF)

Automatic Updating of All Dates in Blackboard Courses (PDF)
Assessment and Gradebook
Using the Assessment Tool (PDF)
Accessing the Question Database (PDF)
Calculated Questions (PDF)
Combination Multiple Choice Questions (PDF)
Fill in the Blank Questions (PDF)
Jumbled Sentence Questions (PDF)
Matching Questions (PDF)
Multiple Choice Questions with One Correct Answer (PDF)
Multiple Choice Questions with Several Correct Answers (PDF)
Paragraph Questions (PDF)
Short Answer Questions with One Correct Answer (PDF)
Short Answer Questions with Several Answers Correct in Any Order (PDF)
True or False Questions (PDF)
Editing Assessment Properties (PDF)
Adding Questions Sets (Randomizing Questions) (PDF)
Using the Grade Book (PDF)
Prevent Printing or Copying of Blackboard Vista Quizzes (PDF)
Tips for Students Taking Assessments in Blackboard (PDF)
Moving Assessments Between Sections (Zipping and Exporting Assessments) (PDF)

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