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Use the Group by Terms feature to organize My Courses course list (PDF)

From the Turnitin Webinar (09-25-2014): See the Webinar Recording

Setting Up Your Course

Changing the Availability Dates of your Course (PDF)
Copying Content from a Previous Section (PDF)
Importing Course Content (PDF)
My Blackboard Global Navigation (video)
My Blackboard Profile (video)
Introduction to the Course Menu (PDF)
Customizing the Course Menu (PDF)
Hiding and Unhiding Course Menu Items (PDF)
Using Headers and Dividers on the Course Menu (PDF)
Duplicate Course Menu Items (PDF)
Course Menu Views (PDF)
Setting the Course Home Entry Page (PDF
Edit Mode: Instructor View vs. Student View (PDF)
Learning Modules (PDF)
Hiding and Unhiding Your Entire Course ( PDF)

Creating Content

Using the VTBE (Visual Text Box Editor) (PDF)
Types of Content (PDF)  
Adding a Content Area (PDF)  
Creating Items and Files (PDF)
Delivering Documents to Your Students (PDF)
Adding a YouTube Video (PDF
Adding a Web Link (PDF)  
Adding Links to Library Resources (PDF

Communicating with Students

Using the Calendar Tool (video)
Creating Groups (PDF)
Creating Announcements (PDF)
Sending Email (PDF

Discussion Boards, Journals and Wikis

Interacting with the Discussion Board (video)
Creating Forums and Threads (PDF)
Viewing Discussion Board Posts (PDF)
Grading Discussion Board Posts (PDF)
Creating a Blog (PDF)
Creating and Editing Blog Entries (PDF)
Creating a Journal (PDF)
Creating a Wiki (PDF

Quizzes and Assignments

Creating Tests and Surveys (PDF)
Using Respondus at Wentworth (link)
Getting Started with Assignments (PDF)
Creating Assignments (PDF)
Grading Assignments (PDF)
Using SafeAssign (PDF)
Copying Quizzes from One Course to Another (PDF)

Creating a Turnitin Assignment (PDF)


Creating and Using Rubrics (SP 14 - until May 2, 2015)

Refer to these links after May 2, 2015 upgrade:
Creating and Using Rubrics (October 2014 release)
Rubric Best Practices (October 2014 release)

Grade Center

Displaying Grades to Students (PDF)
Getting Started with the Grade Center (PDF)
Finding the Grade Center (PDF
Grade Center Overview (PDF
Adding Columns (PDF
Converting a Total Column to a Letter Column (PDF)
Getting Started with Needs Grading (PDF)
Getting Started with Automatic Regrading (PDF)
Downloading Grade Center to Excel (PDF)
The Retention Center (video)

Complete Blackboard 9.1 Help for Instructors Manual (PDF)

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