New Features in Blackboard

Coming August 18th!

Because of this features upgrade, Blackboard will be unavailable from 6pm to 6am on Saturday, August 17th.


  • Any activity you create that has a due date can now have corresponding calendar item created automatically.
  • If you want to change the date, just drag-and-drop the calendar item. The activity due date is updated instantly.
  • You can create recurring (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly) items in the calendar.
  • The course calendar can be exported via an iCal feed to Outlook, Google Calendar, and other third-party calendars.

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  • Rather than making a copy of a test to allow for a makeup or students who need extra time, you can now add exceptions to their original test, setting the availability and duration for individual students.
  • You can now access detailed data about how your entire class answered individual test questions. You can analyze and identify problematic test questions that are too easy or too difficult.

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Assignment Grading

  • You can now view and correct assignments and provide feedback within Blackboard, instead of downloading, opening and uploading attachments.

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Discussion Board

  • You can now read all posts for a thread on one page.
  • You will be able to set due dates for graded Discussion forums in forum settings.
  • A new “post first” setting is now available. When this setting is enabled, students are required to create a thread before they can view other threads in the forum.
  • The description for a discussion now appears on the “Create Thread” page if settings are enabled for students to create new threads.
  • While viewing a discussion post, you can use the email tool to write a private message to the author of the post.

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Retention Center

  • The new Retention Center, which replaces the Early Warning System in Vista, alerts instructors when students are not engaging with the course.

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