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Naming Opportunities

The Center for Sciences and Bio-Medical Engineering

The Center. By transforming the 1901 Ira Allen building to become the new Center for Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, the heritage building is fully rejuvenated. The main entry slices through the seam between the existing and new building and strikes a dramatic statement of transparency through the brick facades.

The Forum. The centerpiece of the rejuvenated Ira Allen, the Forum is a soaring open space between the existing building and the new expansion. The Forum provides a venue for college-wide events and meetings. The Forum will have soft seating that can be repurposed to accommodate differing group sizes.

Ideas & Buildings.  The Center will be constructed using 'green' building principles to be as energy efficient as possible, including natural lighting and ventilation. With a new pedagogy for the teaching labs, the majority of equipment on campus will be replaced in the new building. The equipment ranges from hoods in the chemistry labs to microscopes.  While much of the project will be funded through Institute’s cash reserves, we are seeking an additional $1 million to fund laboratory equipment, computers, furniture and landscaping for this state-of-the-art science building.

Teaching Labs. The eleven teaching labs will transform pedagogy at WIT. No longer separated by lab and classroom time, the new learning model is a fully integrated experience. The labs are organized around biomedical engineering (2), physics (4), biology (1), material science (1), and chemistry (3) Biodiesel lab (1).
Biodiesel Lab $10,000 FUNDED - Trustee Jack Blaisdell
1 - Chemistry Lab $25,000 FUNDED - Cynthia Calabrese
1 - Chemistry Lab $25,000 FUNDED – Robert & Sheila Swanson

Recitation Room. Blurring traditional program boundaries strengthens the student experience. To support the teaching labs, one recitation room is designed to be shared with the labs for discussions that benefit from a formal setting.

Project Room. Blurring traditional program boundaries these project rooms strengthens the student experience. (2)
1 FUNDED - Cynthia Calabrese

The Space Between.

Overlook Lounge. On the upper level above the main entry, the Overlook Lounge has a prime view to the campus quad across Parker Street. The study lounge also shares a direct view to the Annex side entry and the improved parking to the east.
$200,000 FUNDED - Edward O'Leary & Family

Vista Lounge. On the upper level with a view to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the Vista Lounge is ideally located to occupy study space off the corridor and within reach of the Forum balcony edge.
$150,000 each

Interior Space [open space]. “Pocket spaces” are small, indoor spaces that create informal places for private study, small group meetings or quite relaxation in between classes.
1 FUNDED – Sitting Area - Sylvia Taglioni Price ’89
1 FUNDED – The Gathering Steps – Jim Hickey

Faculty Offices & Suites. Located on the lower and upper levels, two suites provide office space for 36 faculty and adjuncts. Naming a physical space on campus creates a lasting legacy at Wentworth. (20)
$10,000+ each

Faculty Collaboration Corner. In the center of the upper level faculty office suite, an open area with a kitchen provides opportunity for planned and spontaneous collaboration.
$10,000 FUNDED - Trustee Ed Bond & Aletta Bond

Cathedral Conference Room. With a view to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, this conference room is the largest in the building.
$25,000 FUNDED - Bond

Faculty Conference Room. Located within the upper level faculty office suite, this conference room is designed for small group meetings. (2)
1 FUNDED – President Zorica Pantić

Outdoor Connections

Science Plaza. Between the main entry and the Annex is a new outdoor plaza, reclaiming part of the campus landscape. Thoughtful design reinforces existing campus pathways and creates new campus experiences. The plaza is a greatly improved part of the project, creating an exterior destination.

Plaza Benches. The Science Plaza has an informal organization of custom benches to define an outdoor social and study space for the campus community.

Inspire. Engage. Recognize.

To celebrate the generosity of alumni and friends, any gift of $5,000 or more over the course of the 2 year campaign, will be honored on a commemorative donor wall.