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Students of Tomorrow

Sylvia Price and Logen Johnson

The stories of two Engineering students—though their time on campus is separated by more than two decades—reveal one of the core strengths of Wentworth alumni: students leave the campus with sense of purpose, the perseverance to follow their dreams, and the confidence they need to be successful. And that’s why they stand out from the crowd.

 Logen Johnson
Electromechanical Engineering ’14:

It didn’t take Logen Johnson many days on campus before he’d developed a completely new perspective on his chosen major.

An instructor explained to Logen that the real job of an engineer was ultimately to “solve problems”—and suddenly, he was inspired to make a real impact on society. That’s why his focus has shifted to developing environmental and “green” technology.

“That description of an engineer’s role in society resonated deeply with me—suddenly, I wasn’t just pursuing a degree… I was discovering ways to change the world. ”

 Sylvia Taglioni Price
Manufacturing Engineering Technology ’89:

Sylvia Taglioni Price ended up with a completely new direction for her career.

Sylvia decided early in her time at Wentworth that she was going to focus on helping people and creating solutions for them would be at the heart of that pursuit.

Sylvia left mechanical engineering for manufacturing engineering technology, after classes with Associate Professor Peter Rourke convinced her she could make a real difference with that education under her belt—but her career has taken an unconventional path from there.

“My job as a practice director at SAP Americas isn’t a straight line from my degree, but it definitely reflects the core values I learned as a student. Today, I help create and implement systems that make peoples’ lives better… and that’s a passion I picked up at Wentworth.”

Now she’s giving back: Sylvia became a trustee just eight years after she graduated, and even served a term as president of the Wentworth Alumni Association.

“I’m thankful for the values and confidence I developed at Wentworth, and how I’ve been able to overcome challenges as a result.”