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Students of Tomorrow

James Lamarche, Sam Irwin, and Sandrah Abbuah

Students in the College of Engineering and Technology and the College of Arts and Sciences are confident a Wentworth education will support their career choices.

James LamarcheJames Lamarche
Electromechanical Engineering ’13

James, a native of Hudson, N.H., took a nontraditional path to college. After high school, he began working in construction. A serious injury required a hospital stay, and as James recuperated, he became very interested in the machines around him and how they helped him get better.

James went to a local community college. He discovered he liked math, and a professor encouraged him to think about pursuing engineering.

James became interested in Wentworth when he learned that the electromechanical engineering program had a biomedical systems concentration and a co-op program.

“I was cognizant of the fact that a lot of college grads were not getting jobs,” he says. “I wanted the co-op work experience to increase my odds of being offered a job after graduation. Co-op work would make me more marketable.” In addition he appreciated the reasonable tuition and being in Boston.

James describes the WIT engineering program as unique because students have the opportunity to do design work. James has also benefitted from the problem-solving skills he has developed. “You realize how often failure happens and you learn to plan for it,” he says.

A senior, James is pursuing career opportunities in the energy, power, and biomedical industries, but is staying open to all opportunities. James plans to combine his education with his experience outside the classroom. President of the WIT Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, James plays on the rugby team and is a resident assistant. These activities “have helped me with communication and time management skills, and I’ll need these to be effective in industry.” James describes the WIT community as small, “but only as small as you want it to be. You can get out and get involved in other schools in the area, and the Boston location is great.”

Sam Irwin, and Sandrah AbbuahSam Irving and Sandrah Abbuah
Applied Mathematics ’15

Sam is from Nashua, N.H. As early as elementary school, he learned that math was his strength and his favorite subject. Math -- combined with his desire to pursue a hands on career -- eventually led Sam to applied mathematics. Sam chose Wentworth over other colleges for the learning environment and because he appreciated the financial aid support he receives.

Sandrah was born in Ghana, and raised in Somerville, M.A. When looking at colleges, Sandrah wanted to be close to home. Sandrah and her mom visited Wentworth and both were very impressed with the Institute. Sandrah was accepted, and the financial aid support she received made it possible to attend. “The financial aid is very much appreciated,” she says.

Sandrah originally came to Wentworth as a mechanical engineering major. When she looked closely at the course requirements and learned that physics was a requirement, she reconsidered her choice of major. “Math is my strength and I love math, so I ended up in applied mathematics,” she says. “Professor Amanda Hattaway influenced my decision, and I’m grateful to her for her guidance.”

After graduation, Sam plans to work. If his co-op goes well, there is always the possibility of continued employment. Sam is keeping his options open on graduate school, and is confident his education at Wentworth will support his career choice. “The applied mathematics program at Wentworth is heavily based in programming,” he says. With strong programming skills, Sam is confident he will be well prepared for his career field.

Sandrah plans to work after graduation as well and pursue her master’s degree at some future date. “It’s expected in this field,” she says. Sandrah notes that when professionals visit and talk about their work, they reference the same programs being taught in the applied math program at Wentworth. “The software programs and programming education at Wentworth is very strong,” she says. When asked if they had a favorite professor, both Sam and Sandrah agreed there are so many outstanding professors at Wentworth that they could not choose just one. Sandrah likes the Wentworth community because “I make new friends every day, and the professors are awesome.”

“Knowing my professors makes it easy to ask questions, and the professors are very responsive, including responding to email questions,” Sandrah says. She likes the small classes, and has found the Wentworth Learning Center to be a great resource that has helped her with “everything from English to physics.”

Sam likes the applied mathematics major because it’s a small group. “The faculty is very welcoming and understanding,” he says. We’ve developed a bond that I don’t think could have happened at another school.” Sam is vice president of the Math Club. Sam and his fellow members are very interested in starting up this new club on campus. Sandrah is president of the Math Club, with members who have great ideas.

Sandra’s greatest learning experiences come when she struggles with a problem and finally solves it. “I love the rush I get when I succeed,” She says. Sam loves learning to program. In high school when Sam learned how to use Microsoft he considered it his greatest software accomplishment. Now Sam is learning how to program software. “It’s not easy,” he admits, “but it’s great when you master a new skill.”