Committee Composition

See how the committee is composed currently and in the future.
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Committee Members

Name Constituency Campus Phone E-Mail Address End of Term
Derrick Chery Grad. students (Non-Day) 2014
Jack Duggan M.Eng in CE program X4181 2014
Mike Dunlop MSFM program X4685 2014
Katharine Mendez Grad. students (Day) 2014
Ilie Talpasanu E&T college X4226 2014
Carol Burns M.Arch program X4538 2015
Marc Neveu AD&CM college X4867 2015
Jon Ripley A&S college X4382 2015
Monica Snow MSCM program X4183   2016
Pat Hafford Dean, CPCE X4870 Ex officio
Chuck Hotchkiss Associate Provost X4831 Ex officio
Katharine Ritter Alumni Library X4095 Ex officio

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