April 25, 2014

Slices of Commencement

Left column: Adam Parsons and Anna Yip; middle column: Alejandra Garcia; right column: Mike Moran and Vadim Manokhin

Five graduating Wentworth students recently sat down to discuss their careers at the Institute, including some of their standout moments, and their plans for the future.

Alejandra Garcia, Electromechanical Engineering

What did you enjoy most about your program here at Wentworth?

I really enjoyed my co-op experiences and it was an honor to receive the Edward T. Kirkpatrick Award for Cooperative Education. But I also liked working [on cooperative] projects. We had to work in teams since the very first semester and that led me to develop a good work ethic, leadership skills, and lifetime friendships.

What is a key item you've learned as a student here?

To think without the box, to overcome obstacles, and to be creative.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to work further on a project that I [started] with Accelerate (Life Cycle). Then, at the end of the summer, I am going back home (Venezuela) where I am going to work in a hospital with biomedical engineers.

Vadim Manokhin, Computer Science

What did you enjoy most about your program here at Wentworth?

Being a foreigner [Manokhin is a native of Russia], I greatly enjoyed the Boston location. And the co-op program added so much confidence for me—I really enjoyed it. Also, Wentworth professors are awesome; every single one I’ve taken a course with has been great.

What is a key item you’ve learned as a student here?

I’ve learned ways to apply knowledge learned here to solve real world problems, and that is my most valuable asset. I’ve also learned that intellectual curiosity should be carefully cherished and nurtured as it is the core stimulus for acquiring knowledge, that inspiring others is inspiring in itself, and that true leadership creates collaboration not domination of views and opinions.

What are your future plans?

I plan to work in the [electromechanical engineering] field for a few years, go back to school to get my master’s degree, get back into the industry for a few more years, get my MBA, start a company, gain financial independence, give back.

Mike Moran, Master of Science in Facility Management

What was a standout moment for you while earning your degree through the College of Professional and Continuing Education?

The best part of the program was the direct access to industry professionals and current best practices that are actually going on in the field.  We had frequent guest speakers from well-known organizations sharing their experiences and knowledge on the subject matter that we were studying.  The professors were able to arrange site visits which really helped bring the classroom studies to life. There was a very good mix of academic and industry learning.

What is a key takeaway for you?

Within the program the key subject I learned was Energy and Sustainability.  As this is a continually evolving field, it was great to focus on current and future trends that facility managers and engineers are engaging in.  Aside from actual academics, this program reinforced the importance of time management.  Working full time, taking two classes a semester, and having a personal life, it was sometimes tough to juggle everything.  This is a direct lesson that can be transferred throughout life

What are your plans after commencement?

 As I am already in the facility management industry, my future career plans involve progression.  Ideally I would lead an organization's real estate services functions to efficiently support and benefit the firm's core business.   In my opinion, a graduate degree is needed to advance to senior management levels.  It was great to find a program that was so specific to my career field, while still incorporating core business studies into the curriculum. 

Adam Parsons, Master of Architecture

What did you like best about your time here?

The fact that Wentworth is a smaller school is something I’ve really come to enjoy. I’ve been able to have great relationships with teachers and other students due to smaller class sizes, and those relationships have led to great opportunities in in school and out. I would also say that the co-op program is invaluable. It allows you to learn exactly what you can do and where you can go after graduation.

What is something you’ve learned from Wentworth?

Education is all that you put into it. I always had a strong work ethic and applying that here allowed me to do a lot, but the opportunity to achieve is here for everybody.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to go to Seattle after graduation. There are businesses there that I’ve identified as really tying in with the ideas of crafting and making, which are big in the architecture space. Beyond that, I’m contemplating working at a firm, but I’m also thinking about design architecture and doing something with that. 

Anna Yip, Master of Science in Facility Management

What interested you in the facility management program?

Several people mentioned to me that the facility management field is very strong and is complementary to my interior design background. As I looked into it more I found the field to be appealing and decided to pursue facility management as a profession. 

Was it challenging to enter this program not having prior facility management experience?

The faculty and my fellow classmates at Wentworth have been wonderful and very supportive! My classmates really appreciate the unique perspective I am able to bring from my interior design background.

How do you believe your degree will help you post-graduation?

I would highly recommend Wentworth! The program does a great job of meeting the needs of students, preparing us with the skills that the profession most desires.

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